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„organic electro beats“ is pure rhythm for the d a n c e f l o o r , featuring the idea of minimalism and live energy.


it is a solo groove performance of the german drummer oli rubow, a hand-played electronic live set without any loops, playbacks or programmings.

it is minimal-house in realtime with space for improvisation and interaction!



the organic electro beats can have several different looks, they don’t only work as a drum solo but also in combination with a dj, vj, mc or electro artist.


here are some of oli’s recent live partners:

turntablerocker, phil fuldner, dublex inc., funkbrueder, de phazz, netzer, stud + paul kleber, dj skizum (nyc), dj catweazle, visuarte (vj-team), schnitt-stelle (vj-team), k.l.theinert (lichtkünstler)...


in november 03 oli has recorded his electro grooves. the CD was released on 12/12/2003. you can order it here!



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