o r g a n i c  e l e c t r o  b e a t s

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y o u  w a n t  t o  b u y  a  c d ?

the „organic electro beats“ cd (uwar records) has been released on 12/12/2003. unfortunately SOLD OUT.

wanna download a digital copy?


a b o u t  t h e  c d

read here how the „organic electro beats“ album was recorded.


oli’s drumset is a mixture of acoustic cymbals, pads that trigger electronic drum sounds and different effects.


-the „main“ section

a stereo pad (snare/rim), a bass drum pad and three mono tom pads trigger the ddrum4-brain’s digital samples.

i use 20 different sound sets of the ddrum, that i change with my left hand during playing.


-the „analog“ section

another bass drum trigger pedal (played with the left foot) and two tom pads trigger either a vermona drm1 or an old tama techstar sound module.

i cannot store my personal sound sets on those analog drum modules, but they have a lot of knobs to alter the sound on the fly...and of course they have a very special sound.


-the „acoustic“ section

i use a regular hihat (14“ meinl bycanze), a closed hihat (10“meinl custom shop) and a trashy crash cymbal (16“meinl safari generation x) and very often i play the grooves with a jingle stick in the right hand.

all acoustic sounds are miked with one condenser microphone.


-the „effects“ section

another tool to change or colour the sound are my different stomp boxes.

for the analog drums i have a fuzz pedal to add some dirt.

the ddrum has several output groups: so, i put some analog echo (boss dm-100) on the electronic cymbal sounds, the bass drum and snare stay dry, and the rim channel and „toms“ get a combination of phaser (small stone), vocoder and delay (line6 dl-4).

again i use my left hand to turn the knobs...


all in all i simultaneously recorded six channels (using an emagic emi 6/2, logic audio and a mac g4 powerbook).


when playing a live show i mix those six channels with a behringer rx1602, and finally send the stereo sum through a vestax eq-killer to the front of house/or dj mixer.



many thanks to: meinl tama ddrum vermona ice-stix behringer




analog n fat!